Friday, April 10, 2009

It Could Be Bunnies...

I was truly hoping to get a double Easter feature in for Sunday, with both Night of the Lepus and Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter on my queue, but sadly an intensely busy week has devoured my free time faster than you can say homicidal robot teachers. Speaking of which, those homicidal robot teachers get a quick visit in my weekly Pop Syndicate Toychest blog on how to find the right house or apartment without succumbing to a horror haunted fate:

And because it's Friday, because it's Cadbury Cream Season, and just because, here's George Bush getting cozy with an Easter Bunny:

Bonus points for anyone who wants to narrate the conversation between these two rascally rabbits.


  1. Bush: I'm going to call you 'Mr. Hoppy Pants'

    Bunny: George my name is Dick, I've been your VP for 8 years now...

    Bush: Quiet, I said you're Mr Hoppy Pants now

    Bunny: Sir I really don't see...

    Bush: AH! Go away giant bunny you're scaring me!

  2. Teehehe.

    Although now that I look closer, Georgie's hands are caressing Mr. Hoppy Pants with such soft longing that I wonder if it's Condi under those ears.

  3. Hey there Emily. Great work on your Blog. Particularly just enjoyed your views on The Beyond & Biozombie. One of the stars of Biozombie, Sam Lee, has gone on to bigger & greater things since then. A real character actor who has more recently turned to serious Action roles in movies such as Dog Bite Dog( 2006) & Invisible Target (2007). Paul

  4. Thanks Paul! I'm not too surprised about Sam Lee. He had a fantastic presence in Bio Zombie and it's great to hear that his career has thrived.
    Also, I LOVE your Punisher review. It made me crave some serious bullet brulee.

  5. You're very welcome. Thank you for the kind words on the Punisher review. A suitably rewarding good budget 'B' movie. Tons of comic book violence, and quite surprisingly has a female Director. You have to love the ballistic bullet brûlée ;) .
    Now Sam Lee recommendations - Gen X Cops & Skyline Cruisers for Action, or yourself being a lady of Horror tastes - definitely Bio Cops (2000) another Zombie outing with some fun humour. Paul

  6. Thanks for the recommendations Paul! The best part is that netflixing Gen X Cops leads me to the "Watch Now" available Street Fighter 2. I don't know how I'll feel about a sonic boom sans JCVD, but anything to bring me back to those mid-90s years of Chun-Li pride makes happy.

    And Dan, I love how you captured the creepily soulful longing of W. The expression on Ms. Hoppy Pants' face makes me very curious as to what he had said to her just before posing.