Mill Creek Madness!

Follow my inevitably failed mission to watch and review a disc a month out of one of the four bargain 50 packs from Mill Creek Entertainment. Click on whatever's underlined for full reviews.

Month 2:  
War of the Robots
Hands of Steel
One Frightened Night
The Vampire's Night Orgy

Month 1:  
Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon
The Bloody Brood
Alien Zone
Slashed Dreams

And catch reviews of the stragglers that get their own full-length reviews!

6. Devil Times 5

Maybe the greatest evil kid film ever? And if such a fact follows, that would make this 1974 gem maybe the greatest FILM of all time...

Sample line: “Birds under a lot of stress eat more. In human terms, they get fat.” 

Sample Lesson: Being a cannibal goddess gets you the same costume designer as Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls

3. Don't Open Til Christmas 

...which somehow makes me remember the horrifying sight of the Muppets' Scooter performing a black leather clad cage dance

2. Phenomena/Creepers 
Excerpt: Supposedly Argento has said Creepers one of his favorites, and I can see why: this is an intriguing, teasingly paced film that slowly pulls the audience in and leaves them with a finale that’s somehow simultaneously hysterical, horrifying, and damn adorable.

1. Cathy's Curse  
Winning Line: "Medium? I’d say extra rare piece of shit!”

I now have added to My List of Things To Do In Life Before I Die: Go to psychic, become enraged, and shout these words. Or have a 10 year old daughter and make her do it, because it’s much funnier that way.