Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Busy tonight? I didn't think so. The TV season is over and it's too hot to start training for that marathon you so vowed to complete. So here's my suggestion:

If you're anywhere near the Brooklyn area, come out to the Brooklyn Rod & Gun one stop into the lesser (to da Bronx) borough on the L train for sensational Swedish author Daniel Ekeroth's celebration of his sensational Swedishy book, Swedish Sensationfilms. The show starts at 8PM and costs a mere $5, less than  going to a movie theater,  taking a roundtrip subway ride, or eating a hot dog at CitiField. I'm trying my bestest to get down there, work and life providing. You can learn more about the event at its Facebook page or shoot me an email (deadlydollshouse at gmail.com, take THAT spammers!) with questions or offers to marry Nigerian princes. 


  1. Would have LOVED it if you could! You should definitely check out the book though Vish. It's a great little encyclopedia of some tempting (and some horrendous sounding) films I've never come close to hearing about.